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The primary focus of Onsite training is discovering keys for the relationship between concept and site. Includes the history, aesthetics, principles, and possibilities of site-specific theatre, and practical tools for creating your piece.

Fringe Onsite offers 5 month mentorships to 10 groups of artists on a first come first serve basis, at the cost of a standard Fringe mainstage slot, culminating in full productions at the Vancouver International Fringe Festival.  More info and applications available here.


The Suzuki Method of Actor Training addresses universal performance issues. What is the source of presence onstage? How do we find ease in the midst of dramatic crises? By refining an awareness and control of our centre (hara), we are able to increase the clarity, range, and power of our voices to fulfill the demands of any situation. It all begins where the foot meets the ground and the breath births the word.


Viewpoints names the basic elements of space and time, addressing them individually and in combination. The practice of working with these exercises as an ensemble develops practical skills we can use to make vivid, surprising theatre. Creativity requires both freedom and structure: Viewpoints can provide a means for actors, directors, choreographers, performance artists, and dancers to quickly develop onstage events that are precise, potent and original.


Composition applies the Viewpoints to the rehearsal, exploration, and creation of performance. Small groups compose short scenes by combining the intuitive, ensemble improvisations of Viewpoints with a given structural framework. The goal is to work on our feet to discover surprises about the scene, theme, or play world. These may serve as explorations, the basis of a new work, or staging for a play. Composition encourages collaboration and an open approach to the new or the known work. It is an efficient yet radical practice that empowers theatre artists as co-creators.

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The Only Animal creates cultivates and inspires theatre work that arises from a deep engagement with place.